1. Pick a prize

Electronics, furniture, power tools,
gadgets, supercars and bikes

2. Pick your tickets

Select the letter and ticket number of your choice to enter the competition.

3. Do the skill test

Answer the skill-test question. Only entries with correct answers can win.

4. Daily winner

You can’t win if you don’t enter.
Enter now to be our next winner.

Winner Protection

All competitions are backed by our Competition Guarantee which makes it impossible for a winner not to get the prize.

Easy to enter

Our interfaces are designed to allow even the newest person to prize
competitions to participate seamlessly with challenges, confusion, or error.

Great odds for the skill

Our skill tests are competitively structured, well researched, and instinct/intuition promoting.
Only entries with the right answer are considered during the draw.
This gives greater odds for entries with the answer to win.

Uninfluenced automated draw system

Winners are drawn by our 10th generation automatic draw system named mt_rand_intelliman. It auto-triggers as soon as a competition ends.
mt_rand_intelliman-drawn results are completely random and reliable and nobody can influence the results.
mt_rand_intelliman simulator

Transparent result

Competition results are available for a lifetime. Every participant in an ended competition has the right to know who the winner is.
We don't just tell you who the winner is, we also soothe your curiosity by allowing you to track the prize claim
so you can tell when the prize has been claimed by the winner.

You have to be in it to win it!

Interesting competitions

Responsive ticketing system

Competitive skill-test

Soft-tap entry button

About vTIMEout competitions

With our competitions, vTIMEout.com serves your desire to acquire top quality products almost at no cost and we fulfill this with some flavors of suspense. We are the UK’s leading prize competition promoters offering prizes of original products & exclusive sign up offers.

Our mission: To deliver a total of 1,000,000 won prizes by EOY 2025.

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