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Experts believe the below is the most common stat for the average-performing affiliate marketing websites:

Click-Through-Rates: 60% of Monthly traffic
This means only about 60% of the traffic clicks on an affiliate link to go to the sponsors’ website.

Conversion-Rate: 20% of Click-Through-Rates
This means only about 20% of the traffic sent to the sponsor’s website actually makes a purchase (some even get less than 10%).

With the above stat, a site receiving 10,000 monthly traffic would only have about 12-20% of this traffic converting to sales and generating revenue. What happens to the remaining 80-88%?

Usually, there are two main reasons the remaining 80-88% do not make a purchase.

  1. Some visitors search Google out of curiosity about a product they love. And from SERP, visit an affiliate marketing website where they read up the interesting review and comparison posts and end up not clicking over to the seller’s website.
  2. Some read and get really interested in the product, then click over to the seller’s website but get discouraged by the product price. They probably do not have £500 to spend on the product at that moment.

As these visitors do not have enough budget to purchase the product, a chance to win the same product would easily be welcomed. Now, this is where vTIMEout comes in. Our services and affiliate program were created to monetize this 80-88% unmonetized traffic.

What we do and why you should be interested in our affiliate program

At vTIMEout, we offer visitors a chance to win awesome prizes by participating in our skill-based competition. To participate in a competition, entries are allocated to each participant. This entry allocation is a monetized activity and this is the point where cash flow is generated. This is also where you can potentially earn MASSIVE commissions as an affiliate.

In the UK, prize competitions are big socio-commercial activities with over £4.3B processed in prizes in 2019 alone, according to statista.com. Competition-draws are run in schools, churches, malls, and can be run by for-profit or non-profit organizations. They are a fun way of promoting educational or skill-based contests, offering prizes, promoting a product, or raising awareness for a cause.

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Is Linking To a Prize Competition page Safe For My Website?

Are Prize Competitions in a good neighborhood? One may ask.

The short answer is yes.

Linking to a prize competition page is safe and normal for any website as long as the rule of thumb of link placement is observed – linking in-context.

Like any other website, you must only link to competitions that are relevant to your post. Linking to an iPhoneX prize competition from a “Top 3 iPhones Review” page is great. But linking to the same competitions from a “Best Mattress For Young Couples” would be considered out of context and irrelevant to the page.

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What Types of Prize Competitions Are Offered on vTIMEout?

As a promoter, you can choose competitions to promote from our wide list of categories. There are competitions for every category and prizes in every niche.

Competitions for phone accs. Electronic accs. etc

VIP competitions with higher winning odds.

Competitions for supercars, electric cars, bikes.

Competitions for camping accessories and gears.

Competitions for electronics and mobile phones. 

Competitions for interior and patio furniture.

Competitions for fishing accessories etc.

Competitions for gamers. Consoles and accessories.

Competitions for gardening lovers and horticulture enthusiats.

Competitions for men's lifestyle and care products.

Competitions for women's lifestyle and care products.

Appealing competitions for fully-paid holiday getaway and cruise.

Competitions for home appliances, family items etc

Competitions for health and fitness accessories.

Competitions for the most desired luxurious items.

Competitions for office appliances and accessories.

Competitions for picture and video content creators.

Competitions for the handyman and professional DIYer.

The one competitions that can make your dreams come true.

Couples' competition to win a full wedding expenditure sponsorship.

Competitions for the 420 friendly.

Why you should join our affiliate program

As our competitions are niche-specific, all you must do is sign-up for our affiliate program and promote competitions relevant to your affiliate marketing niche to allow your visitors to participate for a chance to win while you earn as high as 20% in commissions on their participation, on a 30-days tracking cookie.

We have a fully automated platform for our competitions making our results uninfluenced and 100% reliable. We have an 8 am – 9 pm participation help desk, so you can rest assured that your referred audience is in good hands.

Our affiliate linking tools include multiple responsive ad renderers like the native ad displayed below.

The above is what it looks like when our affiliates promote our competitions on their websites using our native ad link tool.

This is a light-weight ad that displays our competition countdown in real-time and allows our affiliates to beautifully promote our competitions on their website without distorting the aesthetics of their webpages. All linking tools are available to our affiliates from the affiliate dashboard.

We have a 24/7 affiliates support team, dedicated to your success in our affiliate program, to listen to you when need us the most. We have a full-fledged automated affiliates commission system, an easy-to-use dashboard to monitor your performance, advanced affiliates link tools like our new native ad generator. It would be good also to mention that we payout on the first working day of a new month.

See our operating agreement to find out more about commissions and how we shall work together. For inquiries, please contact us here.

Upon signup, your application would need approval by our affiliate program team. It usually takes 1 day to process a new application. once approved, you may start promoting our competitions and earn a commission on monetized entries referred by your affiliate ID.