Winner(s) is/are picked randomly by systematically collating all issued ticket numbers once the listing countdown is finished. Our system uses the mt_rand PHP function to randomly pick the winning number(s) from the collection. PHP function mt_rand() provides solid randomization for this purpose.

The mt_rand() function generates a random integer using the Mersenne Twister algorithm. This function produces a better random value and is 4 times faster and more reliable than rand() PHP function.

vTIMEout guarantees that draw are totally random and nothing can influence the outcome of a draw.

The product in the picture displayed is EXACTLY what the winner(s) of the draw would receive, except in cases where the item’s exact color is out of stock then winner(s) might receive a different color.

If an unprecedented circumstance arises we would definitely communicate to the winner(s) with an option to receive the cash value of the won item.

All products are ordered from reputable distribution and retailer and come with the manufacturer’s warranty if the manufacturer gives one. These are all 100% original products.

If the distributor/retailer issues a receipt for that item, then the item would be delivered with the receipt. In most cases, they would.

It never happens. If an item is won, we ensure we process delivery and the item is delivered. Else, we would have to pay the winner(s) the cash equivalent which we don’t like as that would hurt our company’s vision statement which is to reach a total won item delivery count of 1,000,000 by 2025.

In a case where we would have to pay the winner(s) the cash equivalent of their won items, we determine the products’ current market prices by carrying out a price review.

We are affiliated with top retailers and distributors with years of affiliation relationship. All products shown on vTIMEout are sourced directly from these reputable stores.

Please note that we purchase from our sources because:

  1. Authenticity is guaranteed.
  2. Manufacturer’s guarantee /warranty is assured (if the manufacturer gives same for the product)
  3. Safe delivery is guaranteed.
  4. Steady update on the delivery progress is guaranteed.
  5. Global presence.

You can visit the listing page on for updates. Listing participants also get an email when a listing is finished. Visit My Listing page to see all your running entries.

Once a listing is ended and you a winner, we would contact you via the email you have participated in the listing with, you would claim you won prize with our Claim a Prize page, we would process your claim and update you on the status and progress of your item delivery. We would ONLY process the delivery to the shipping address specified on the winner(s) account.

There is no item claim processing fee.

    Company Address

    Company Address

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    Annex Office

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    Give Us a Call

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